Sunday, May 24, 2009

Nine West James Heels

Remember when I swooned over the J.Crew Coralie Suede Heels? Well, I was in a J.Crew store today, and they had a few pairs on sale for $49.99--but only in size 7 and only in "daffodil" and "light eucalyptus," not the fabulous bright blue that I love. They have it online in my size and color, for $59.99, which is a pretty good mark-off from the original $198 price.

I still might go for them if J.Crew does a special discount on the sale section, but in the meantime I have my own pair of blue suede shoes to wear and love. From Nine West, the James slingbacks, on sale for $48.99, are pretty much equally adorable and are shockingly comfortable! Boys assume that all four-inch heels are created equal, but a heel with a platform sole actually makes walking easier, since your foot is at slightly less extreme angle. The leather suede fabric of these shoes is super soft, and the color is that chic Tiffany blue that catches the eyes and admiration of friends and strangers alike. Now all I need is a place to wear these.

These Nine West shoes are even more similar to the J.Crew ones, and if I saw them in stores I would be very tempted to buy them. The Jacer pumps, $49.99, have a more funky color (better for colder weather) and the criss-cross straps are rather fun. Now I sort of want them, although I really don't need two pairs of blue suede shoes (especially since they're a bitch to match with your clothes).

I also some some really gorgeous suede shoes at Zara, and I want to go back with my camera just so I can share them with you. But until then, I'll just paint a little word picture: So the first pair were navy blue suede pumps, with little cut-outs all around the opening for the foot. Very ladylike but still playful. The other pair were bright purple, high heel slides, with tufts of suede flowers across the toe strap. Super fun.


Anonymous said...

J.Crew is having a private sale and they sent me a coupon but you have to spend at least $175 to use it. The code is SUMMER and I think today's the last day. I LOVE those J.Crew shoes though...might have to pick up a pair!

Lorelei said...

Agree..!! These Nine West shoes are really very similar to the J.Crew ones. Both are pretty gorgeous.