Saturday, May 30, 2009

Alice + Olivia Dresses

It's not summer without a new batch of Alice + Olivia dresses to lust over. Here are a few I'm thinking of buying (after I knock off an ATM or find a job, whichever happens first).

I think a peach-colored dress is the best possible way to celebrate the beginning of summer (and of summer fruits!). The Madison Dress, $444, makes me think of my favorite birthday party dresses from when I was a kid, but updated for a hot adult look. Sometimes I'm not a fan of giant bows, but I think the strapless top and voluminous silhouette gives this dress the right look for a nice big bow. I like how it kind of looks homemade, like you just wrapped some fabric around your body, grabbed a big ribbon from your craft closet, tied it all together and then went to brunch. But of course, since it's A+O, the bodice is impeccably pleated and the hem is double-layered to add some sexiness to a very sweet dress.

If that's a little too girly-girl for your taste, try the Cara Cocoon Dress, $440. From the front, it's a fairly boring colorblock dress (although I like the pockets, of course, and the white of the skirt makes it seem a little fresher than if the colors were reversed). But turn around, and helloooo Ms. Badass Babe. This takes the bandage dress to a whole other level--it's as if Herve Lager got into bondage. Incredibly sexy, but not at all trashy. Plus, when it's 90 degrees and humid in New York, you'll be the only one without beads of sweat running down your back.

Ok, I'm having a hard time deciding if I think this Draped V-Neck Dress, $165, is fantasic or if it's a mess. I know I love that color (although I'm not sure if I'm going to be wearing it as much now as I did during the winter), and I know I love that it's 50% off the original price. Soft jersey is good, deep V-necks in both front and back are good... but this might just be too much fabric, too haphazardly placed, for anyone but the most model-thin girl. And I'm worried that I would to dinner, and then go home and have to shake bread crumbs or whatever out of the folds of this dress (I'm a messy eater. Whatever, don't judge me!). I think this is the sort of dress you need to try on before making a decision, but that doesn't mean I don't want to hear your thoughts. Is this a fabric disaster or a masterwork of draping?

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Alisha said...

Oh, I love love love the purple jersey. I think the draping is fab.