Saturday, May 23, 2009

Go Jane, Go!

Oh my God!  Hi, guys!  I realize I haven't posted since Christmas, but Julia has been on a roll, and I hate interrupting her awesome posts with one of my less than stellar ones.   But!  I found some cute, cheap stuff and I had to share!

So, am I the only one on the face of the earth that had never heard of Go Jane?  I'm still pretty confused by the concept of it, but I guess it's Yahoo's store for Juniors apparel?  Maybe?  I was trying to describe it to my sister the other day, and I think the words I used were "It's like Forever21, only... not."  I know, really descriptive.  Basically, I would say it's like Forever21 in that it features clothing that are the current trends out there and they have them for fairly cheap.  Unlike F21, though, the clothes and shoes seem to be of slightly better quality--and if it looks good online, it'll look just as good in person.  How often does that happen with F21?  It's l a website of lies.  You think you're getting this amazing deal and then you open the box and it looks like every man-made and unpronounceable fabric threw up in there.

Okay, rant over!  Onto the cute, cheap stuff!

I've been looking for a simple color block dress for this summer ever since I saw the one Zooey Deschanel was wearing in her Cotton commercial and realized you could actually dress it both up and down.  I realize they're probably on their way out now (or they're experiencing a resurgence, who knows?), but I've had it in my head over the past couple weeks that I really, really, REALLY wanted one.  Always dangerous, especially when I have some money to spend, but I found this one at GJ for less than $18.  I like the skirt on this one, but they also have a different, pleated skirt option right here.


The next two dresses are also considered the "color block" style, though I'm not sure I'd go that far.  They use a kind of denim lookalike, so I'm not sure what these will look like in person.  All I know is that they look super cute to me!

Elastic Stretch waistline tank dress featuring an abstract print top and denim finish skirt, $29.90

I'm also a big fan of their shoe department, but I won't list all the ones I like here (that would make for a VERY long post)!  My first introduction to GJ was through a pair of gladiator sandals I bought from them, and I'm pretty much obsessed with wearing them.  The quality is better than what you would expect for a $10-$30 shoe, and they fit pretty true to size.  I would say the shoes might run a little big and the clothes a little small.  Here's one pair I'm trying to talk myself out of buying and failing horribly.  They're only $13!!  If you aren't a fan of the bow, you might like the knot flat for $10.  My only complaint about their shoes is that they seem to run out of sizes quickly, especially the 8-10 range!

One more cute item for summer: a take on the retro Wayfarers.  I had a very cool pair of simple black Wayfarers two or three years ago that cost me maybe $30 at most.  I went in to replace them after losing them (tear), and they were $140!  So I'm sticking to the cheap stuff for now.  If you're not a fan of the traditional all plastic frame, you might dig these, which are part metal and part plastic--but only $5.  

Happy shopping!  


Julia York said...

Oooh, so cute! I especially love all the colorblock dresses, and I don't think that trend is on the way out.

Anonymous said...

You are a godsend! First, I tried desperately to find a picture of the Anthropologie dress I bought for my engagement pictures online, but no dice... until I found your blog!

And now these shoes?! I think I just bought my wedding shoes for $13... when does that ever happen?!

<3 Bookmarked you... you're fabulously entertaining and I hope your blog takes off!