Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fossil Watch

I bought a new watch today! It was a bit of a pre-graduation present to myself, since I don't actually think I'll have time between finals, job searching, parties, and parents. And a watch is a much more practical gift than a dress, since I will undoubtedly wear it everyday, use it constantly, and never be late. It's also good for my self-image; I've worn a watch non-stop for years and years, but when my battery ran out on my old one last summer, I never replaced it. This whole year, I've felt like a formerly devout believer who had stopped going to church--I was a lapsed watch-wearer.

But now I can be the responsible, time-obsessed girl I really am. The Fossil blue analog watch, $65, is fairly simple but also has a bit of flair--the pale blue watchface is classy, and the layered leather strap looks sporty but not too manly. I know that big, oversized men's watches are sort of trendy right now, but I like something more delicate (this maybe looks a little butcher than it does in person, so you'll have to take my word for it). I was a little weary of the two studs on the band, because they're actually little rhinestones. Sounds sort of tacky, right? But when it's on my wrist the glittery bits are completely unnoticable.

But my favorite thing about it is that there's a little window on the bottom of the clockface that says the date. I forget the date embarassingly often, so this is very practical for me.

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FAPORT International said...

Nice strap, i like it.. it's also very simple...