Monday, November 17, 2008

So Low Foldover Yoga Pants

Something I don't get about my roommates is that when they wake up, they immediately get into the shower and then they immediately get dressed... and then don't go outside until hours later. What's the point, I wonder? If the only people around have seen you puke in the middle of a power hour before returning to finish three more beers, why are you getting dressed? I stay in pajamas until five minutes before I have to leave, and when I come home, I practically rip off my jeans in an effort to slip into something a little more comfortable.

But lately, I think I've gotten a little too comfortable. See, our apartment is a natural gathering place for your friends. I can plan to spend a low-key Friday night watching movies with the roomies, wearing my ginormous Kafka in Prague t-shirt and stretched-out Old Navy work out pants that I cut into capri's, but then someone will be in the neighborhood, and someone will be willing to pick up beer, and before I know it there's eight tipsy people playing Taboo in my living room. And I love it-- except that I feel like a total schlub hanging out in my pajamas while everyone else is properly dressed. I could just go into my room and grab something from my closet, sure. But I'm not going outside, so why get a good pair of jeans by sitting on the floor and spilling salsa on my lap?

So I've been looking for a good pair of soft, cotton pants: something a little nicer than sweats or pajamas, but still perfectly cozy. And then it occurred to me: yoga pants! Women who take yoga do not fuck around with baggy t-shirts they got for free and sweats bought on sale at Target seven years ago. No, yoga women wear form-fitting (but not tight) workout pants that perfectly show off their toned bootys, because not only does it allow the instructor to better correct their form, but they also look awesome in downward dog position.

I was trying to think of somewhere to get a really cute, quality pair of yoga pants, and I remembered a post from the vintage "Things I've Bought That I Love," in which Mindy Kaling talks about So Low Fold-Over Yoga Pants. I think this is one of the first posts on that blog that I read, and when she wrote, "girls should wear Osh Kosh B'Gosh overalls until they're 16 years old, and not be allowed to date until sophomore year in college (freshman year is for figuring out who you really are)," I fell in love with the awesome M.Kal.

The pants are expensive for work out gear, but if Mindy says they're worth it then I won't question it. The website has a really good sale section, too, and when I saw these Jersey Foldover Pants with Printed Plaid Waistband, $58.40, I knew the search for new "being lazy in my apartment" pants was over. They're plaid, you guys! And the foldover top means I can adjust how high on my waist I want to wear them (and I promise I'll never roll them down so low that you can see my thong).


Anonymous said...

Really cute!

Anonymous said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.