Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Shopper's Thanksgiving

This year, I'm thankful....
...for the Spearmint Tote from Anthropologie, which just went on sale. Down from $648 to $329.45, it's still not a bargain, but it's mint green leather! With embroidery and a silk lining! I'm also thankful for Anthropologie in general, for giving me reasons to work hard so I can earn money to spend at their store.

...for the fact that I live in New York, where I can wear this Prairie NY Black Herringbone Wool Jacket, $345. If I still lived in Arizona, not only would it never get cold enough to justify this jacket, but it would also look hopelessly out of place among the cacti and Juicy sweat pants.

...that I look really good in the color "wine." This Foley + Corinna Shirred Corset dress is $424, and there's a white version on sale for $298.60.

....that I picked the perfect moment to get obsessed with plaid, because it's everywhere, in all shapes and forms. This Hurley Rock Chic tote is just $32.99.

...for J.Crew, which always has at least one dress that makes me feel weak in the knees. This golden roses dress is $139.99.

...that there's always some pretty little thing being sold for pennies on Etsy. Golden Lotus Hoops, by LuxeDeluxe, $12.80.

And finally, I'm thankful for Black Friday, with all of its economy-boasting, deal-having, packed-crowding glory. Good luck out there shoppers!

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