Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Express Dresses

My sister commented the other day that I tend not to feature Express much on this blog, which is true. I used to shop (at least going in there to check out the accessories when I was already at the mall, if not to buy anything) at Express, when I was in late middle school and early high school. I think that I thought Express would had the sort of clothing I would be wearing as an adult, which has turned out to be totally untrue. I'm not sure the quality of design usually justifies the price, and the pieces seem to be way more difficult to wear than your average top or dress from the Gap. Also, I'm totally unable to distinguish Express from the Limited.

But that doesn't mean that I'm categorically opposed to Express, so when two people commented on Express's cute party dresses, I knew I had to check it out. And I'm pretty impressed with what I've found! I might even have to go into stores next weekend to check the merchandise out myself. Also, all these dresses are buy one get one half off, which is not a bad deal.

The Strappy Tiered Lace Dress, $128, is perfect for those holiday parties that you're going to single but don't want to leave alone. In other words, it's a bit slutty, but way hot. The sweetheart neckline and empire waist will make your d├ęcolletage look incredible, and the very bare back adds extra drama. And yet, there's something sweetly girly about the metallic floral lace and layers of ruffles-- sort of like you're the present at a young goth girl's birthday party (I know, I'm reaching). Also, this dress reminds me of some commercial (for deodorant? A gym?) where a woman with a Jada Pinkett-Smith look goes to her high school reunion and is so fabulous looking that her former high school sweetheart does a double-take. Actually, I think it's Mastercard-- something like, "Manicure: $20. Strappy heels: $150. The look on his face? Priceless." Anyway, this looks like the dress she wears in that commercial.

The Silk Chiffon Rose Dress, $128, is a more abstract take on ruffles. Available in electric blue or basic black, this fluttery dress would make it more fun to both dance and walk over subway grates. The assymmetrical rose-type gathering on the bust reminds me of something Anthropologie would do, and you'd definitely have to bring you rconfidence to pull off this dress (I suspect, due to the tiers, that a small or boyish frame would also help). It's a romantic dress that's both soft and fashion-forward; I can imagine wearing it under a cardigan or blazer for work, and then shedding the top layer when the office holiday party begins.

There's is no better time to wear something covered in sequins than holiday time. You wear something like this high-waist sequin skirt, $98, in April, and you're a total fashion victim. You wear this in December, and you are by far the most fabulous person in the land (after Santa, of course). I love how they updated the classic pencil skirt shape by dousing it in sparkles-- it'll make you look even shapelier and legger than a normal pencil skirt, because no one will be able to look away from your banging hourglass figure. The con would be that this dress is so memorable that you'd only be able to wear it once or twice a season; but I think it would hold up for multiple years. Also, you could probably put together a great Studio 54 Halloween costume with this skirt.

I can decide which styling of the Long V-Neck Sweater, $49.50, I like better: with the skinny metallic belt, $29.50 or long shimmer scarf, $22.50. This basic sweater dress (is it long enough to be a dress? I hope so, because I forbid everyone from wearing it with leggings, but as Blair Waldorf so eloquently stated, "tights are pants!") comes in eight gorgeous colors and a sexy V-neck shape (and pockets!). There are countless ways to accessorize this sweater dress, and I want to wear it all winter.

And finally, this is why I usually don't shop at Express: They sell cougar clothes.

Printed Satin Cami, $29.99


Madelyn said...

that last one is perfect for my on-stage, rocker alter ego, no?

Anonymous said...

You should check out their Editor pants. They are a good work staple.

Laura Garner said...

The first three things from Express are super cute in person! I'm still contemplating buying the first dress for New Years and cannot decide whether or not to wait until Black Friday. Also...the Editor pants are amazing, at least they were the last time I checked...5 years ago or so.

Anonymous said...
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