Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gold Holiday Heels

I'm in full-on holiday shopping mode, and by that I don't mean going around picking out presents for everyone on my list. No, I save that for December 23rd. What holiday shopping means for me is deciding what I want to wear to all the hypothetical Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, Christmas, Boxing Day, and New Year's parties that I hope to be invited to. And if I don't, I'll have to spend all of winter vacation bumming around my house in sequined mini dresses and platform heels.

And those heels? Are definitely going to be gold. Thursday night, I had the toughest time falling asleep, so I got out of bed and decided to do some light internet browsing to calm down. But then I started reading the Ebay Blog on, which linked to these Cynthia Vincent Gold Flower Heels on an Ebay auction that, unfortunately, already ended. The second I saw them, everything else in my mind faded away, leaving only, "MUST. HAVE. GOLD. SHOES." I already have gold ballet flats and gold gladiator sandals, but my life will not be complete until I find gold heels of my own. Since it doesn't appear that Cynthia Vincent is making these (leather, eyelet, adorable, vintage-y, and incredible) shoes anymore, I'm investigating my options elsewhere.

Christmas is the only time I think I'm able to get away with sequins, so I might as well take as advantage of it with something like the Queeny heel, $138, by the nicely named Shoes For Lovely People label. See, during the regular year, I worry too much about being a human disco ball; during the holidays, the human disco ball is the one tearing up the dance floor and putting a lampshade on her head-- exactly what I aim for! It'd be impossible to be a wallflower in these 4 1/4 inch heels. I especially love that the heel is covered in sequins as well; it adds an extra bit of glamour. If you have a basic black dress that you don't think is special enough for your event, these shoes would be the perfect thing to bring your outfit to the next level.

If I were to ever buy something from Jessica Simpson's shoe line, I'd live in fear of someone asking me, "Oh my god, where did you get those?" Admitting that you're helping to fund Simpson's hair extension and attention addiction when she should be fading in obscurity? Humiliating. But these shoes are cute! They're cheaper, and cheaper looking, than the previous sequin shoe, but still a very fun option. The Jossette shoe, on sale for $59.99, features a sexy open toe, and a d'Orsay shape (I just learned from Piperlime that that's the name of when there's a sort of cut-out on the side).

These shoes aren't entirely gold, but they're fierce as hell and I'm cursing the fact that the only size left is a 6.5. The NA NA Tajo shoe, $59.99, combines gold and aqua (or turquoise? I'm not sure of the exact name for this color) in a fashion-forward T-strap design. The pleated satin looks amazing next to the metallic leather, and the pop of color would allow you to wear these shoes well into spring and summer.

I can just image wearing these Nine West shoes in New York and freezing my toes off. But if you're going to drive to a swanky party and spend the whole night indoors, these Hazzel heels, $89, are just right. The criss-cross design and metal accents make these shoes pretty unique, so don't wear just any LBD with these babies. I'm seeing some sort of cream silk shift, with white gold jewelry and a messy-but-classy ponytail, then maybe a brightly colored clutch.

Let's be honest: these are almost stripper shoes. But there's no better time to wear stripper shoes than Yule time! From Steve Madden, the Frenchyy (think that's a Grease reference?) Ankle Strap heels, $69, have a monster heel and a good, thick platform, but Steve considerately provided a sturdy ankle strap to keep your foot from falling out of this shoe (keeping your ass from falling on the floor is your own job). I really like the sparkle on the gold patent-- very festive.

These J.Crew shoes are by far the most classy and understated. The Savoy D'Orsay heels, $185, are pretty expensive for a shoe made mostly of air, but there's something distinctly graceful about the thin sweep of leather across the toe, with the dainty bow on top. Someone like Grace Kelly would wear this shoe; even with jeans, you'll have a regal and refined air.

Pssst: Through Monday you can get 20% off sale items at J.Crew using the code EXTRA20!

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suilove said...

hi, i came from the aficionada site randomly, and i bought the savoy heels recently but i returned them because they didn't quite look as nice as i thought with my feet in them if you know what i mean LOL
they were really gorgeous just looking at them, but the toes look really weird with the bow part and it just...i was disappointed. hope this helps!