Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gap Holiday Cruiser

On more than one occasion I've considered getting a bike to help navigate these tough city streets, but for every reason in the pro column (get places faster, exercise and fresh air, would look cool) there are two reasons in the con column (theft, helmet hair, would gives myself a panic attack, would get myself killed). But during the summer I would see these beautiful New York women riding their vintage-style bicycles, wearing dresses, looking as fresh as daisies and poised as beauty queens, and I'd start to want a bike again. Here's a classic example, from a photo essay the New York Times did called "A Field Guide to the New York Bicyclist:"

She's gorgeous, of course, but that bike adds an extra bit of charm to make her irresistible.

Gap, of all places, is selling a bike this holiday season that's almost worth risking my neck over.
Designed by the Electra Bike Company, Gap's holiday cruiser is $499. It's pricey, but it's ARGYLE! Before my plaid fixation, I was all about argyle, and I still stalk argyle cardigans on Jcrew.com and go nuts for a boy in an argyle sweat vests. I would feel like the most stylish person in the world riding around on this bike. I have only one problem with it: no front basket in which I can put my purse (if I'm being practical) or fresh flowers/baguettes/a puppy. A bike with a basket is the dream, so: close, Gap, but not quite.

If you want to see more cute fashion-y girls on bikes, check out the Sartorialist. I wish this photo (which he took) was of me. You can just barely see the pink ribbon ties on the back of this azure dress, but I bet the front is knock-me-down adorable as well.


Anonymous said...

You know, you can buy a basket all on its own and put it on your basket-less bike of choice.

Anonymous said...

That's cute.

I think Phat Cycles has an argyle bike too. It's called the Nadine.

I have the gray and pink one. :D