Friday, November 14, 2008

Gap's Friends and Family weekend

I feel like the world is determined to make me get 30% off Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic and Piperlime, and it doesn't matter that I don't really need any new clothes. First, I saw a link on another shopping blog. Then Gap sent me my own copy. Then my sister forwarded it to me. And then Gap resent it to me. Geez, guys, what if I want to pay full price? And what if I don't want 5% of my purchase to be donated to a worthy charity?

Since I guess I don't have any choice, here's what I'm going to try on this weekend.

I have a feeling that this Gap strapless tiered ruffle dress, $78, is going to inescapable in the next few months. It has that It Dress quality: classic shape with of-the-moment details, in a serious color with frivolous ruffles. It also sounds like it's done in a high-quality silk/cotton blend, so it's a dress that'll last--I could see buying it now, wearing it a few times, and then rocking it way harder three years from now.

This mini is so "Hot Female Lumberjack," and I'm totally into it. Mini-skirts during the winter have sort of been tainted by the pairing with Uggs, but this skirt is made for being hot during cold weather. The wool plaid mini skirt, $48, would look perfect with tights (like the model) and some boots that aren't really strangely designed and unflatteringly chunky. And while I, myself, have never worn a turtleneck because it does uncomplimentary things to my bust and makes me feel like I'm be strangled, I can see this skirt looking especially cute with a black turtleneck.

I've been watching a lot of Gilmore Girls lately, and I'm obsessed with all the pants Lorelai wears to work. Of course, it's easier to look gorgeous and leggy in a pair of khakis when you have Lauren Graham's body; I tend to look stumpy when I try to wear work pants, which is why I'm such a huge proponent of dresses and casual Friday. But before I enter corporate America in earnest, I want to get a pair of Gilmore-worthy pants. The Perfect Plaid Trouser, $64.50, has a subtle check print (can you tell that I'm really into plaid this fall?) that brings something a little more interesting to your everyday cubicle wear, and I'm digging the duffed leg openings. But pants like this are so tough-- they have to be perfectly tailored or you spend all day adjusting the waist to prevent cameltoe or polterwang. So one of these days (maybe tomorrow!) I'm going to go into the Gap and just try on one of every pair of pants they have, and I'm not leaving the dressing room until I find the perfect pair.

Gap is selling a cashmere cardigan? I'm torn, because while $118 is fairly reasonable for cashmere, but my theory of Gap pricing is that Gap customers are used to spending lower prices, and they know stuff will go on sale, so they wait to buy, which forces the Gap to put all its nicer stuff on sale by late December. So I feel pretty confident that even with the 30% off coupon, I'd pay less later. But then I wouldn't get the pleasure of wearing this saturated ruby sweater now.

I adore his long multi-beaded necklace, $29.50. It's pretty understated for a holiday necklace, but it has little bursts of glitz that make it worthy of attention. I'd love this necklace even more if it was long enough to wrap around my neck twice.

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