Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cappucino Outfit

I'm not one of those people who can throw together totally disparate clothing items that you would never imagine matching and turn them into an outfit that works. That's why I love clothing websites that have "Look Books" where they combine different pieces into a cohesive, yet surpring, outfit. Anthropologie does it particularly well.

But the other day I was introduced to Polyvore, a site that lets you combine photos from all over the web into a fun collage. Most people use it to put together outfits, and I decided to try my hand at it. It's harder than it looks, you guys: trying to put together different colors, images of different sizes, photos that display the desired item in an awkward way. So this is my first set, which I've titled the Cappuccino Outfit, inspired by the title of the Cala Lily Cafe Sweater Dress, and because this is what I want to wear on a snowy day when I have a lunch date with a sweet yet mysterious man who suggested we meet at a cute neighborhood coffee shop. It's total crap compared to the other sets on Polyvore, but I promise to keep trying and maybe one day I'll put together something truly impressive.

Cappuccino Outfit by Julia York

Mod Cloth Cala Lily Cafe Sweater Dress, $74.99

Mod Cloth Meduza Coat, $84.99

Foley + Corinna Little Treat Bag, $112.50

Unlisted by Kenneth Cole "Hand It To Me" Boot, $75

Vital Tights in Eggplant, $15.99

Ellura Uruguayan Sun God Double Chain Coin Necklace, $210

First Frost Beret, $24

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