Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pumps, Booties, and Platforms

I feel like I haven't bought a pair of shoes in forever. Here are some that I wish I could afford.

These J.Crew Carmen patterned peep-toes in golden yellow, $275, would totally not work for New York in November. The shiny metallic fabric should never be besmirched by city grit or slush. It should only be worn on plush carpets that have been professionally cleaned by indentured servants, so not even the bottom of these shoes get dirty. I love the knotted fabric over the toe, too-- very nice twist.

I've never been a big fan of booties; I think they cut off your legs at a weird place and are one of those trends that we'll look back on in five years and think, "Why the hell did we wear those?" But I was flipping through the new issue of Lucky today, saw these Nine West Santani booties, $150, and decided that all booties might not be bad news. I've always been a big fan of purple suede, and I think the understated shape of these ankle boots is very versatile. Ok, well, things that are purple suede are not terribly versatile, but these would look so chic with a pair of dark skinny jeans. Not leggings, though-- nothing looks good with leggings.

I'm not sure if these Victoria's Secret Satin Criss-Cross pumps, $68, are actually that cute. But I'm intrigued enough to include them here. I definitely like the deep jewel tones, the ginourmous heel and platform. I just don't know if I think the crossed straps are tacky or fun. I'm leaning towards fun. I am positive, though, that the straps would make these way easier to walk in. My heels are always slipping out of the back of regular pumps, which is one reason I'm really into mary-janes. Straps like this would make sure my feet stay perfectly in place.

Here's a much classier version of the platform shoe: from Twelfth by Cynthia Vincent, the Didi Plaid Platform Pump, $246, is an understated take on the patterned shoe. The plaid is so elegant-- not at all lumberjack or grunge-- and the pleading on the front makes that much classier. I want these shoes really, really bad, you guys.

These Sigerson Morrison for Target Roxanne Jeweled Pumps, $36.99, remind me of the blue Manolos that play such a big role in the Sex and the City movie, except without that tacky-ass buckle but also without that exceptional Italian design. I hope that the jewel accents on the toe look a little less tacky in person, and that the sapphire color is just as fabulous as in this photo.

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Ellie said...

Love all of your shoe colloection, specially first two.