Thursday, May 22, 2008

Some Hairy Products

The bitches tend to come out when they’re severely guilted. Sorry darlings, I may as well be a guest contributor. I giveth you the deals, and then I horedth them away for myself. Yes, I am a greedy little bitch. But, occasionally, the gates of my two-sizes-too-small black heart open wide, and, like the Grinch returning the presents to all the Who kids in Who-ville, it grows three sizes in a day and I share the golden goods.

(Okay, in reality, I had finals, a dorm to close, and spent a night in Richmond bawling my eyes out after I missed my flight. Really. A disaster. If I had posted anything it would have been about all the amazing shit I found in the dorm that people left behind and the bag of in-flight pretzels the AirTran employee gave me to get me to stop sobbing.)

First up: The Mason Pearson brush:

This is actually a really famous product… and for a good reason. When you use it, it feels like an angel’s fingers stroking through your hair. Not joking. The brush was first developed in 1885 and was the first to use (and patent) that air cushion mentality. It’s very gentle on your hair and it actually does massage your scalp in a light, delicate way. Also, if you flip your hair and brush under, it definitely does give you volume!

Because the brushes are renown for being very easy on the hair, I told my mom to buy it when she felt like her hair was thinning due to all the weight she’d lost (side note: way to go Mama!)—I also told her to buy it so I could use it the minute I got home from school. They have three different types depending on how thick your hair is (and sensitive your scalp is). Unfortunately, the brushes run between $80-$170 dollars (read more about pricing and the brush company here).

Okay, gather round Who kids, it’s story time: up until the time I was in seventh grade, my hair was short, thin, and shiny. At one time (you know, when I was two and three), it was actually blonde (I have photographic evidence!!). And then, one day—that day being February 2, 2000--I woke up and had a bad hair day. A bad hair day that is known to many as puberty. All of a sudden, on top of my Harry Potter round glasses and my sweet metal braces (with alternating hot pink and fuchsia bands), my hair started growing out of my head in frizzy girls. So maybe it wasn’t puberty. Maybe it was my latent Greek blood, finally rearing its ugly head.

So that was a very long way of telling you that because my frizz hasn’t ever really gone away, I’ve gone through many different products. It really is a struggle not to overload your hair with all the different products: you need your shampoo, hair conditioner, smoothing milk/leave-in condition, stuff to protect your hair from the vital, but hair-frying monster known as the flat iron… and then the nice finishing spray. After all products are used and I’ve finally managed to scrape the product from my hands, I’m left with flat hair from product overload.

This is where It’s a Ten comes in and saves you from having to use a gazillion products. My hairdresser couldn’t kept this in stock, so Mama had to go out on her own and find it on her own. It’s a typical leave-in conditioner… you take a shower, towel your hair and spray it in. Easy as pie (and it smells as delicious as pie). That’s pretty much the only way it’s typical. This is a little hair warrior:

It's a 10 Ten - Miracle Leave In Product is an amazingly new product on the professional salon market that does 10 things instantly:
1.) Repairs dry damaged hair
2.) Adds shine
3.) Smoothes & controls frizz
4.) Seals & protects hair color
5.) Detangles
6.) Prevents split ends
7.) Stops hair breakage
8.) Creates Silkiness
9.) Enhances natural body
10.) Flat iron spray & thermal protector

Really. It’s pretty damn awesome. The bottle is $15.00, but so far it’s lasted.

And on one final note: check out the latest Isaac Mizahri dresses at Target. If you weed through the crap, you’ll actually find some really pretty silhouettes and colors! I won’t go into detail because this post is already long enough, but how pretty is the Envelope Dress? Here’s a picture of the front and back in yellow; it’s available in quite a few colors (I at least saw navy and black), but I thought you could see the detail and shape of the dress a little better in yellow. The back is my favorite part of the dress, and the good news is that it looks like you can wear a bra with it.

It retails for $39.00.

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Ryan said...

Question that has been bothering me for a while: which Hepburn are you?

Julia York said...

I have dreamed of owning a Mason Pearson brush of my very own for years, but I can never convince myself to pay that much for it. That It's a Ten spray looks pretty awesome, though. And I've been bracing myself for a hellishly humid summer, so I'm going to need all the anti-frizz products I can get.