Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Seahorses... on furniture!

So, two orders of business. First, somehow our Mindy Kaling Appreciation Facebook group (the spark that lit the bonfire of materialism that is this blog) has somehow managed to go down in group members. I suspect that the Angela Kinsey fans have turned violent and are killing off our members so their appreciation group can be larger. We cannot let this stand! You may think, "What does it matter if you used to have 91 members and now you have 88?" I'll tell you why it matters: because I made a blood vow to bake a cake when our group reaches 100 members, and every time I go to the grocery I'm like, "Mmm, funfetti cake mix, one day you will be mine." So would it be inappropriate for me to ask you to join, if you haven't already? Also, I'm not sure if everyone is aware of this, but if you've ever laughed out loud at something Mindy wrote in her blog, you are legally obligated to join her Facebook group. Do you really want to break the law?

Ok, secondly, I want this dresser so bad it hurts:
I know, I know, this dresser would look freaking ridiculous in my tiny New York apartment. And it's like 900 bucks. Damn you, Pottery Barn, and your lust-inducing beach house furniture! This Nautical Entryway Cabinet is $899, and I will make it mine one day.


FuriousFeng said...

I LOVE seahorses!

I can't believe our Facebook group is DROPPING! I'm gonna flex some muscles (figuratively...) and recruit some members!

Emily said...


I have a shameful, secret passion for decorating the huge, gorgeous house that I do not yet own, AND THAT DRESSER WILL BE IN IT.