Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

Any Monday when you get the day of from work is worth celebrating with some new clothes.

I would so much more into this dress if it was an actual dress, and not just an extra long shirt that the slutty American Apparel models wear without pants. The Fine Jersey Tee Dress, $26, is nice casual with the raw edges on the neckline, sleeves, and hem, and I really like the wide neckline that can also be worn off the shoulder. And it actually doesn't look that short in this photo, but in some of the others it barely comes over the model's butt. Just the sort of frustrating tackiness we've come to expect from AA.

This Alice + Olivia dress would not be appropriate for any Memorial Day barbeques, but if there's some swanky rooftop party in your future, or maybe some glam Medieval-themed party, the Chain Strap Dress, $484, will be perfect. The dress is chiffon, with criss-cross beading and sweet multi-chain straps. It also comes in black, but I think the white avoids any dominatrix associations with the chains.

Sorry for posting another ridiculously expensive dress, but I absolutely adore this Jill Stuart Robin Floral Print Dress, $540. Florals can be a little grandma or pre-teen girl, but the over sized roses on the white background are perfect for the flirty young woman. This is the sort of dress you can throw on after getting out of the shower and wear with no accessories nor complicated shoes. Totally fresh and effortless-- let's cross our fingers that Forever 21 makes an affordable knockoff at some point this summer.

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Madelyn said...

looking at the american apparel website makes me feel dirty. but that dress is really cute.