Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Sorry for the lack of posts; I moved into a new apartment and have been without internet for a week, and those other bitches are just lazy.

So with the transition out of dorm housing came a lot of shopping. No longer am I sleeping in an extra-long twin bed; I now have a super sweet queen from Ikea. The upgrade I was most excited for, though, was getting new bedding. Not only were my sheets sort of gross and falling apart (I washed them, I swear! Just, probably not often enough), but I had completely grown out of the color scheme. Senior year of high school was all about pink and green for me; I pretty much wished the cover of Prep was my life. What I really wanted was pink and green argyle sheets, but thank god I couldn't find them. Instead I got a dusty light green comforter, and one set of fairly bright pink sheets and another set of green and pink striped sheets. I loved them so much... for like a year. And then I was constantly embarrassed at the fact that I was in my 20's and sleeping on pink sheets. Especially since, after arriving in New York, my wardrobe had gone from a rainbow of bright blues and vivid reds to overwhelmingly black, grey, navy blue, and, when I was feeling crazy, dark green.

So when it was time to buy new sheets, I wanted to make sure I got something that I wasn't going to look at with disgust in two years. I'm not positive I hit the mark; it's very hard to predict my future moods with regard to color. But I'm hopeful that I found a classic color combo that'll last at least until my mid-twenties.

For the comforter, I went for a nice, deep red, which I think will go well with my wooden furniture. From Target, the Woolrich Down Alternative Comforter is $59.99. I don't know why they're making such a big deal of it being a "down alternative," but I guess that's good for those of you with fragile noses or whatever.

Then for sheets, I got 600 Thread-Count Sheets in "beige," which is really more of a nice gold, and Ultra Soft Cotton/Modal Sheets in Ivory, which is more off-white than it seems in the photo. I like having a little variety, and not only because it helps me remember that a certain set of sheets needs to be washed. The gold sheets are a bit more in-your-face and blingy, while the ivory is a bit more subdued and classic. I think it's a nice set.

Sure, I had to go all the way to the Target in Brooklyn to get these sheets, and on the way back I got caught in the rain without an umbrella, making me get very cranky about the fact that if I had gone home for the summer, I would probably have spent the day lying by the pool under cloudless skies, reading a great book, and then I could've thrown a dress over my swimsuit and hopped in my car and driven five minutes to Target and I would be warm and dry and tan. But I digress. Basically, I'm just rather happy not to be sleeping in a sleeping bag anymore.


Madelyn said...

i fully support your color choices. they're all very classic. if anything you'd get bored with them, never embarrassed by them. plus if you ever need to feel better about yourself, just look down the hall to the girl sleeping on pink flowers. yeah.

Andrea Winslet said...

My sheets are that same deep red and so is my winter jacket. So perhaps I am weirdly obsessed with that color, but I think you made an excellent choice! Definitely versatile.