Wednesday, May 7, 2008

On the Boardwalk

I'm a big fan of creative names for clothes, and a perfectly titled item of clothing gives me that extra excuse to buy it. This dress is way out of my price range, but the Stella Boardwalk Dress, $277, is so exactly suited to strolling along the shore on the 4th of July, eating cotton candy on the way to see the freak show, that I love it anyway.
I'm usually not a fan of denim being used for anything but jeans and miniskirts, but I'll make an exception for this dress. The very light wash keeps the dress from being overly heavy, and the red buttons and seams? Freaking genius. I also love those slightly weird flaps on the neckline, because they give the dress an interesting retro twist. Throw this dress on with a pair of red heels and in seconds you'll be the pin-up calendar girl for the month of July!

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