Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sydney Dress

My goal for August was to reverse this blog's general trend of each month having fewer entries than the month before (except in June). I obviously failed, but August is sort of a dead month in fashion anyway. Stores are trying to get rid of their summer clothes and designers are prepping for fashion week in September, and normal people are just wearing whatever makes them the least sweaty.

But J.Crew never lets me down! I think this dress is great for an Indian Summer, because it has those bright, warm weather colors but the floral print is abstract enough that you won't look like a botanical garden. The Giverny-print Sydney Dress, $209, is also in an almost universally flattering shape, with the fitted bodice and A-line skirt. I covet it greatly and hope that it'll continue to get discounted so I can actually afford it.

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