Sunday, September 14, 2008

Clutch Purses

I don't remember exactly how the topic came up, but last night I had a conversation with one of my guy friends about clutch purses:

Me: "Do you know what a clutch is?"
Him: "Yeah."
Me: "What is it?"
Him: "A purse made by a designer named Clutch?"
Me: "Aw, that's cute. But no."

So in honor of that poor, ill-informed boy, here are some clutch purses I'm eyeing.

From J.Crew, the Satin Fleur Clutch, $98, is the perfect mix of impractical and adorable, which is exactly what a good clutch should be. I love the satin fabric in a vibrant azul color (it also comes in a great yellow or fuchsia), since it would really pop against a simple dress or jeans. And the soft flower in the center adds a romantic touch. The only drawback is, obviously, the price. Clutches will never be your everyday purse; you really have to remind yourself to use it, to take the time to move your wallet and keys from your overstuffed tote to a delicate little clutch. So I can't justify dropping a C-note on something I'll use, at maximum, twice a week.

Which is why Old Navy is my savior, since they have the cutest pleated clutches on sale for $4.99. You know that I have a weakness for anything preppy, and the thin blue and white stripes are perfectly nautical combined with country club. And this clutch is so understated that you could grab it both when going out to the new Thai restaurant in your neighborhood on Friday night or running out to get coffee on Saturday morning. I would even be tempted to throw it inside my regular purse, both to prevent my keys from getting lost at the tangle of hairbands and receipts at the bottom and so I could enjoy the clutches cuteness every day.

But really, clutches are better for special occasions. I'd love to bring this Merona Framed Satin Ruched Clutch, $14.99, along on the sort of night where I'm drinking overpriced cocktails, ideally paid for by someone else. Technically, the strap on this bag makes it not a clutch, but I'm including it here because A: you could probably tuck the strap inside and no one would know the difference, and B: I'm a sucker for ruching and a crimson red.

If I was feeling a bit more demure, I'd want this Isaac Mizrahi Lack Hinge Clutch, $16.99. It's actually part of his bridal collection, and you can sort of tell because it's tiny and impractical, like all good wedding accessories. But even if you're not the bride, this clutch will make you feel like a sweet and old-fashioned girl whose beau will ask her father for her hand in marriage. Aw. I also think the light pink underneath the lace prevents this from being full-on wedding wear, although there's probably a "blushing bride" reference to be made.

This Nine West Finaldi Turquoise Clutch, $19.99, is what you need to be carrying on the night you'll rock the local karaoke bar with "Heart of Glass," by Blondie. This minimalist, tough clutch is a little bit 80's, without being at all dated. Bonus: at 14 x 6 inches, you'll have enough space for the essentials plus all the eyeliner you could want.

From the LABANG store on Etsy, this Yellow Fabric Clutch, $55, screams vintage, and every girl will be wondering what consignment stores and thrift marts you've hit the jackpot at. This clutch is constructed from an upholstery sample from the 1970's, accented with a blue and white flower pin on the front. It's very Joan from Mad Men (an obsession of mine that has yet to fade), but the lining-- a fun cartoon print of frolicking lions-- is straight from the playful seventies. I love fun linings; it's like having a secret just between you and your purse, and every time you open it up, you have a reason to smile.


Lena said...

You guys are the best at finding great stuff on etsy. Whenever I look, I seem to only find the kitschy and mundane.

Will you do a special entry for me? I recently bought a black cropped faux leather jacket (it's being shipped in the mail as we speak), but I'm not AS badass as Danielle. But I'm still kind of into zeppelin and ac/dc, as well as other strange, unique things. Can you do a post on mixing feminine pieces with the black jacket? THANKS

Julia York said...

Ooh, I love requests! If you bought the jacket online, can you post it link so we can see exactly what it looks like? I promise to try and do a feminine/bad ass post by the end of the month!

lena said...

Don't judge me on my Forever21-ness, but I love that store. My philosophy is that it's best to try something out for cheap first to see how it is on you. In this case... faux leather?