Monday, September 22, 2008


Okay, please tell me I am the only one that can't stand Rachel Zoe's new show? I mean, the woman rocks when it comes to styling (for the most part), but every time she opens her mouth and starts spewing off "I die!!" or "loves!!" Or when she spells it out like Fergie. "D-I-E!!!" I want to light her whole wardrobe on fire and smack her adorable, precious new assistant like he's a whipping post. Really. And don't get me started on the whole zombie hands, and that weird silhouette she always seems to wear. Do you know what I'm talking about? It's an overloaded top half with a super-skinny bottom half capped off by heels that are longer than her head. It makes her look like a bird of prey. Or like a babooshka.

Okay... moving on...

The only thing that can calm me down after a bad Zoecabulary attack is something my dearest Mother and I found this summer:

I'm so obsessed with the Shampoo Fresh Hair Fragrance it's actually a little bit sad. It smells SO GOOD that I even spray it on my hair after I get out of the shower and still have that fresh-clean smell. I'll tell you what, though... this stuff is awesome for college students. Hypothetical situation here: let's just say you run to the gym, you work up a sweat, you look at your watch... and realize that you have five minutes left to get to class. Do you jump in the shower and go to class dripping wet? Do you go straight to class still festering in your own sweat? No. No, you, smart girl (or, you know, boy), spray the shit out of your hair with this product and run across campus. Sure, you are still festering in your own sweat, but no one will be able to tell over the glorious scent of your hair.

Or, in a slightly less gross example, say the hot water in your dorm goes out and you can't take a shower... you get the picture. It's also really nice for dates and snuggling and all that good stuff. Did I mention it gives your hair a nice shine, too?

I am in love with all the the Clean scents. My Mom wears the Provence scent (because we secretly wish we were glamorous French women) and it is like a small cloud of heaven floats by when she comes into the room. I mean, just read the damn description:

The soft, fresh, beautiful scent, captured for centuries by the fine
milled soaps of France, is now a very special perfume by Clean. Reminiscent of
pure soap and water, freshly laundered linens and open blue skies, Clean
Provence is infused with extracts of Provencal Lemon, Cotton Blossom, Rose
Geranium, Sweet Lime and Soft Violet Musk. Clean Provence will pamper you with a delicate, just-lathered fragrance.

That's right. Freshly laundered linens and open blue skies.

Shampoo Fresh Hair Fragrance: $39.00. You can find it at Ulta or, I'm assuming, Sephora. It's also available through their lovely website.

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Julia York said...

NOTHING is better than having great smelling hair. Nothing.