Sunday, August 3, 2008

Agent Provocateur Lingerie

Everybody knows about the Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale, where you can go buy five pairs of sweatpants for $15 a piece. And that's all well and good, but I prefer the Agent Provocateur sale, where almost everything is 50% off. Just, I must admit, that a bra that is $75 after the giant discount isn't much of a deal. But it's Agent Provocateur, makers of the craziest and sexiest lingerie on the planet, so if you can afford it, it's worth it.

My absolute favorite set is the Gangster, $82 for the bra and $62 for the totally necessary suspender brief. This will be the perfect undergarment for my Faye Dunaway in Bonnie and Clyde Halloween costume, although this is really not the sort of lingerie to be worn under anything. The satin pleating on the bra would create some odd bumps under your sweater, but the real point is that you don't hide red hot satin knickers under a sweater. That's just criminal.

The Talma range is obviously inspired by vintage pin-ups, and this is a very sweet, playful way of looking sexy. The fuchsia ribbon accents on the dark navy are way more sophisticated than another made by Victoria's Secret, and in the detail photos you can see that there are mini fuchsia polka dots also. This is the sort of lingerie that needs to be rocked with pin curls and deep red lipstick, and don't forget the fuck-me pumps. The corset is (sigh) $157, the bra is $62, the brief is $30 and the suspender is $40. I'm sort of tempted to splurge on the bra, but I know I would regret not getting the matching panties.

It would be a mistake not to include one of the ranges modeled by Maggie Gyllenhaal, who proves that you don't have to be conventionally beautiful to be an exceptional lingerie model. The Frida range is very girly, with the pink lace trim and multiple bows, but the slight sheen of the grey taffeta fabric is more polished. And I like the ridiculously old-fashioned look of the "waspie," the half-corset around her waist. I'm sure it's very uncomfortable, but if you have some issues with your belly, the waspie will take care of it. I'm assuming it got it's name from the phrase "waist like a wasp," which is a compliment any girl would be happy to receive. The bra is $72, the panties are $32, and the waspie is $72.

This Lara range seems very French to me, although it may just be that this photo suggests a girl tied up to her kitchen table (note the smudges of flour on her arm and stomach), which is something only the French would do. But it could also be that the floral embroidery is so delicate and detailed that it reminds me of toile de jouy.
I really like how the panties have an itty bitty skirt attached, for maximum flirtiness. This is the sort of lingerie you should wear under a totally straight-forward pencil skirt and fitted button-down shirt, so when you peel over your clothes at the end of the night, the reaction will be "Wow... I was not expecting this."

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