Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Mindy Kaling!

Today, June 24th, is a very special day. Today is the day when Mindy Kaling, our idol, muse, and imaginary best friend, was born. I celebrated in a style that I think Mindy would appreciate (or possibly find creepy):
It's true, Martha Stewart I am not. But my sloppy decorating skills aside, this cake was delicious and everyone enjoyed it almost as much as we enjoy Mindy's blog. Also, I thought it was extremely auspicious that facebook group "Mindy Kaling fills my abyss of terrifying emptiness" reached 100 members just a few days ago, after I harangued and pressured and bribed pretty much everyone I know and a few people I didn't. If you're in the group, and you're in NY, and you have my number, there is a slice of cake with your name on it waiting for you in my apartment... wait a second. I just checked the group so I could post a link, and someone quit the group! We're back down to 99 members! Ya'll better come over quick before I eat the rest of that cake in bed while crying myself to sleep.

Anyway, back to Mindy: I already made a post on my top 10 favorite entries, so I think I'm going to top off this post with some YouTube love:

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