Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Minimalism Rules

I've long eschewed girly, saccharine clothing in favor of sleek, sophisticated pieces that compliment a woman's shape instead of distracting from it with superfluous ruffles and frills.  Here are some minimalist pieces that I'm loving right now:

A lovely, simple dress with a body-conscious cut and flatters-every-skin-tone color.

I love Alisha Levine tops, and this one is no exception.  It's casual but elegant, basic but definitely not ordinary.

I'd like to nominate turquoise as an honorary neutral: it flatters virtually every skin tone and goes with almost every other color.  These skinny jeans would look stunning worn with a floaty top and some earthy accessories.

I own two leather jackets and wear them constantly, with everything from the frothiest vintage dress to my most scuffed-up Levi's.  I love the details on this one: short sleeves, a swingy cut, and awesome African cotton lining.

Maxi?  Check.  Fresh, bright color?  Check.  Luxe silk?  Check.  Streamlined design?  Check.  This Alice + Olivia dress has all the elements of a perfect summer frock.

Generally, clothing that exposes more skin than it covers is considered slutty.  But a ring that exposes more skin than it covers?  There's something understatedly chic and subtly erotic about that.

Very on-trend but luxe enough to be in style forever.  I love the bright, modern fuchsia, yellow, and turquoise.

I love rompers that aren't infantilizing; with a sexy cut, gorgeous draping, slinky silk, and Studio 54 vibe, this one is undeniably sophisticated.

From far away this looks like just another tiny gold charm; from up close, it's a cutout of California.  I'd definitely wear this were I still living in Manhattan to pay homage to the only other place where I feel complete.  But since I've moved back to Orange County for the next eight months, wearing it now seems a bit redundant... sort of like wearing a band's t-shirt to their concert or hanging a photograph of Times Square in your New York apartment.


Julia York said...

Danielle, you know I love you, but you are on crack if you think there's such a thing as a non-infantalizing romper. All rompers are infantalizing, because they are pieces of clothing that are meant to be worn by INFANTS.

I do love that tank, and the Alice + Olivia dress. The ring, too, is hot.

Danielle Blanchett said...

A romper is just a dress with an extra piece of fabric sewn in between the legs! Nothing infantilizing about that.