Sunday, June 29, 2008

Guaranteed to Burn Your Eyes

A few weeks ago, I went to Central Park to try and go to the free Vampire Weekend concert put on by Summer Stage. It started pouring rain as we waited in line, and then they were at capacity and we couldn't get into the venue. But this experience was not at all a total loss, because, while waiting in line, we saw the most fugly, hipster-y young people in Manhattan. And we made fun of them. There was one girl, in particular, who was standing a few people ahead of us and was wearing such atrocities that I had to take a photo.
This is not the best picture, I'll admit. But you can see, obviously, the leopard print spandex shorts, and you can just make out (on the right side) the freaking raccoon tail hanging off of her purse! Who dresses for a concert and says, "I think I'm going to match my leopard shorts with the tail of a dead animal!"? Insufferable New York hipsters, that's who.

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Madelyn said...

haha, yes! this girl was awesome(ly bad).