Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Dark Side

Why is it that in the dead of winter, I gravitate toward brightly-colored clothing (tangerine cashmere, neon tights), but as soon as summer arrives, I start craving a darker, moodier palette? Is it that I'm homesick for Manhattan and the sexily utilitarian, no-frills style adopted by most of its inhabitants? Or is it simply that black silk looks stunning against a backdrop of bronzed skin? Either way, here are some dark pieces I'm loving right now.

Kenneth Cole Knotted Halter Top, $128
A halter top that has timeless appeal, in black silk with classic knot details. You could wear this with pearl stud earrings to the country club... one with a lax dress code, of course.

A beautifully draped, drop-waisted dress in smoky black silk. I love the sporty vibe and edgy details, like the drawstring waist and gold studs at the pockets.

Metropark Lace Racerback Tank Top, $49
...And here's a top that would not by suitable for the country club. But, kids, sometimes it pays to be a little skanky. I mean, literally pays. Do you think I actually buy my own drinks (actually, sometimes I do, but it always seems like a waste of money)? Besides, the lace femininizes an otherwise tough top and is even, dare I say, rather sweet.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Diamond Duofold Hoodie, $228
What's going on?! I normally loathe Marc Jacobs, and I normally loathe hoodies... and yet, I'm strangely drawn to this Marc by Marc hoodie. I like that it straddles the line between sportiness and femininity. And I love the sweet details, like an abundance of gold-rimmed buttons and slightly puffed elbow-length sleeves.

Jennifer Ouellette Peacock Nest Headband, $70
Old Hollywood glam meets a modern, avant garde aesthetic with this feather headband. Maybe I'll take a break from watching femmes fatales on the DVDs that have been dominating my Netflix queue, slip on this headband, and play the silver screen goddess in my own film life for a change.

Myne "Audry" Vest With Necktie, $246
I'm a big believer in the viewpoint that sometimes skimming over the curves of a woman's body can be playfully erotic and sexier than wearing something that's skintight. So, naturally, I'm drawn to clothing that flirts with the line between masculinity and femininity... like this loose-fitting silk vest.

VITA Large Snake Bracelet, $97 $67.90
VITA bracelets are great - enduringly chic and classic with just enough edge to keep them modern and youthful. And I find that it's so easy to slip mine on before walking out the door, but it adds a polished touch to whatever I'm wearing. Mine is off-white, but I really want this black one - because it'll go with not only everything I own now, but also everything I'll ever own in the future.

Jeffery Campbell "Emma" Snake Sandal, $74
I've already sung the praises of my K. Jacques sandals, which I wear almost everyday in the summer. But if I also owned these Jeffrey Campbell sandals, I think I'd wear my K. Jacques every other day. I love the unexpected punch of glam that patent snakeskin-stamped leather adds to an otherwise earthy sandal. And you know what would pair stunningly with these?

China Glaze "For Audrey" Nail Polish, $6.50
Last week, on my way to a pedicure, I pulled up at a light next to a turquoise blue 50s Cadillac. The driver and I exchanged compliments on each other's cars (I was driving my dad's ebony 'Stang) before I got a green arrow and sped off. The encounter was brief but long enough to leave a lasting impression (of the car - not the driver, who was nowhere near as impressive). Minutes later, at the nail salon, I found myself eschewing my usual Old Hollywood red for... turquoise. My toes look awesome lacquered in this unconventional shade - especially peeking out of black patent peep-toe wedges.

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