Friday, March 12, 2010

Whites from J.Crew

J.Crew is having a sale's-on-sale event, at least for a few more hours. I feel like J.Crew does these so often that it's no longer a big deal, and if you're shopping the sale and not getting an extra 20 or 30% off, then you need to practice some patience. Not that I'm complaining! I love the extra discount with all my heart! Especially when it lets me buy a perfect summer dress and a perfect transition sweater.

I've been wanting a little white dress for ages, and this one is pretty perfect. The Aubrey Halter Dress, $39.99, is classic but still casual enough for the beach or a ballgame. This summer, I really want to rock the white dress/turquoise jewelry look--it's a little retro but I think not dated, I don't think. Chunky bracelet with matching earrings? I already can't wait for the scorching hot weather that's necessary for this outfit. I should give credit: while I've been a fan of the white/turquoise look for a while, I was reminded of how awesome it is by this picture of Summer Glau:

Doesn't she just look exquisitely summer-y? Who knew that freaky chick from Firefly would turn out to be such a hottie?

I also got the Dolce Cable Knit sweater in ivory, $29.99. All winter, whenever I've been getting dressed in the morning and just didn't feel capable of putting forth the effort to look cute, I'd throw on a navy crewneck cabled sweater from the Gap. It's a little dowdy but super comfortable and there's literally nothing that will clash with it. But it's too thick to wear when it gets warm, hence this lighter (both in color and thickness) version of the same sweater. I'm also hoping this one will be a little more flattering, with the wide neck and loose cables. I also have this image of wearing this sweater with a navy seersucker bikini bottom while on a yacht... it's my ever-present Ralph Lauren lifestyle porn fantasy. It would also look cute and surprising with some brightly colored shorts on a chilly spring morning.

I was also really tempted to get this Contrast Pencil Skirt, $79.99. I liked it because it reminded me of this dress Emma Watson wore on Letterman or something a few years ago:
The J.Crew version is a lot less design-y, but still very chic. The back will elicit double-takes, but not in a tacky way.

This is a lot of white, off-white, and ivory, and I'm really trying to get more color into my wardrobe. So here are some things I might get when they go on sale or get further discounted.

There's a woman in my office who reminds me of Joan from Mad Men--super curvy, impeccably put together, total girl crush material. She looks like iCarly, and since she's not a redhead like the actual Joan, she often wears bright red and looks absolutely rocking. This cardigan reminded me of her--amazing color, super soft cashmere, perfect fit, probably worn over a snug grey dress. The cashmere crewneck cardigan is $99.99--I'm betting it goes down in price a bit more before selling out.

Oh, this is just lovely, lovely.
The Sunshine peony coccinelle dress, $138, is the kind of dress I want to be wearing 24/7. Vintage feel, not trying too hard to be cute, but still the kind of pattern that makes you think, "I HAVE to know where she got that."

And when I want to be a little more bold with my florals, there's the vintage Poppy Erica dress, $250. I love how they styled it with a slightly manly belt, like "Yeah, I thought this outfit needed something extra so I grabbed my boyfriend's belt off his floor."

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julia, you are awesome. love that last description.