Sunday, March 7, 2010

Emma Watson for People's Tree

I always think it's funny how 55 degrees in March means "Woohoo, let's play shirts versus skins basketball!" in New York, and "Holy shit, I might need to wear two hoodies" in California (or Arizona, where I grew up). I celebrated this beautiful day by wearing my cropped running pants--for the past few months, I've been layering running pants under thick sweatpants when I exercise outside. But the warm weather is making me long even more for the days of bare legs and no scarves, and of the lazy t-shirt dresses I'll wear to celebrate.

Make no mistake, I'm a proud American--America, fuck yeah and all that. But I would be very hesitant to wear the old Stars and Stripes on a dress. The Union Jack, on the other hand, looks so very cute and fresh on a plain old white t-shirt dress. It's like Ginger Spice on the weekends! This dress is from Emma Watson's line for People Tree, so not only does it have some of that Harry Potter magic, but it's organic, fair trade, and all that good stuff. The Union Jack dress is 30 pounds--someone with better knowledge of conversion rates will have to tell us how much it costs in real American dollars.

Here's another photo from Emma Watson's line:

I really like this photo because the stripe of the blanket makes it look like EW has a wand in her hand, and, well, I just like everything remotely related to Harry Potter. The cardigan is cute, too.


Anonymous said...

Your post is an embarrassment to Americans everywhere. :-(

Julia York said...

Aw, I'm trying to make up for it with a more patriotic post today!