Saturday, March 13, 2010

Metallic Target Gladiator Sandals--back and almost as good as ever!

Those of you who know me in real life are well acquinted with my ongoing love affair with gold gladiator sandals from Target. Got them two summers ago, wore them to pieces, and have been regretting not getting multiple pairs ever since. Well, BIG NEWS. Happily for me, Target is shamelessly ripping off Isaac Mizrahi's design (he did my original sandals, and left the company a year or two ago) with the Merona Elyssa Strappy Sandals, $19.99.
They are almost exactly the same as the IM version, but the footbed is a neutral color instead of matching the straps. And, the biggest bummer, is that they come in silver, bronze and black but not gold. And I am all about gold, so I might have to get these Target sandals too, just to cover my metallic summer sandal bases:
The Xhilaration Tanya Grecian sandals, $17.99, are a fairly slight shade of gold--I'd worry about them getting noticeably dirty. But the braided top is very trendy, in a good way, and I like how it's a thong but not a flip-flop. And look at this! Target is having a buy one pair of shoes, get one off sale! This is just what I need to brighten my spirits on this uber-gloomy, rainy March day. And I'm just going to ignore the fact that I was at Target, literally yesterday, and spent a bit too much money on fruit snacks and poster frames and dvds and all the other amazingly cheap shit Target specializes in.

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