Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Split Decision

I can't decide which version of this dress I like more. The "retro violet" or....
...the felt blue.
The violet one is so vibrant while still easy to wear; the striped one is definitely more interesting and eye-catching, but I always worry about the busy-ness affect with patterns. The first lets me indulge my fantasies of getting $50 sushi dinners with investment bankers, while the second creates the fantasy of playing Skipper on some luxurious yacht. Tough choice, right?

Old Navy tie-back knit dress, $24.50.

I'm rather frustrated because the August issue of Lucky has this Old Navy sundress-- flutter sleeves, deep v neck, band at empire waist, A-line skirt, with an old-fashioned sort of floral print on a cream background-- that I want ridiculously bad. But it's not online, boo. I hope that it's just not in stores yet, and will come out later in the summer; I'd guess that I look at Old Navy dresses often enough that a winner like this wouldn't be able to slip past me, but you never know. Keep an eye out for this adorable cotton dress that looks a lot more expensive than $30.


R-R said...

girl your blog is like a perfect shopping guide! i love it! i'm adding it to my must access blogs list on my blogger right now!

xoxo to you shopping girl

Emily said...

I almost bought the striped dress today. Instead I bought workout pants like a good girl.