Friday, July 18, 2008

Miu Miu Shoes

I'm a big fan of fantasy online shopping-- pretending that you're going to buy things you could never afford by putting them in your virtual shopping cart, or just looking at the item's page every day. While some people might find this a waste of time, or a bit masochistic, I find it fun to see how much money I would spend at J.Crew if I bought every argyle sweater that caught my eye (answer: about $2,000).

My latest object of aspiration? These Miu Miu Satin T-Strap Jeweled Sandals, $710 (but no longer available on the Neiman Marcus website, so they're doubly unattainable).

They're basically like the game Pretty Pretty Princess, but in smoking hot shoe form. They're so ridiculously girly that I can't help but lust over them completely. I love the classy t-strap shape, and the blinged-out heel is sublime.

(Sidenote: Is it me, or have designer shoes gotten way more expensive? After watching every single episode of Sex and the City, I got the impression that Manolo Blahniks and the like were all around $400. So for years, I've had in my mind that I just need to get to the point where I have $400 just lying around, and then I can buy some Louboutins. But now shoes like this are $700 and up! What's the deal? Is it because these shoes are made in Italy and the American dollar is so weak right now?)
And the Miu Miu line of shoes-- the "more affordable" offshoot of Prada-- are endorsed by no less a shoe expert than Mindy Kaling. She said, "If I were a cool New York midtown professional girl, I'd wear Miu Miu. No doubt. Comfortable and edgy." Sounds good to me! Here are a few more pair of Miu Miu heels I'm lusting over:

These jeweled peep-toe heels, $750, have the same fun embellished heels, but in slightly less foofy colors. The pleated multi-colored leather is sort of badass, especially in those metallic shades.

The sequin pump, $650, is like wearing a classy disco ball on your feet. Even the heel is covered with sequins! And these sequins may look purple, but they're actually a shade called "nero," which is black. But it's just a shiny, vibrant, awesome shade of black that when the light hits them, it reflects purple and grey and whatnot. Sort of like magic!

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