Monday, July 14, 2008

Signature Necklaces

I've been wanting to get a big, vintage-ish statement necklace for a while-- a locket, or maybe some other pendent, on a super long chain. I used to doubt that such a necklace would work on my body, since a necklace like that, which hits at or below your breasts, seems to work better on girls with smaller chests. But if Joan, the legendarily curvaceous secretary from Mad Men, can rock this look, then I know it's possible. I'm curious what her necklace is-- a fancy pen on a chain? She's wears it quite often, which is a costuming detail I really like.

But I know what I won't be buying: this Fred Flare gold retainer necklace, $300. Only girls who survived high school without any sort of awkward stage would ever wear this necklace. Just last night, one of my roommates came to talk to me right before I went to sleep, and said, "I didn't know you wore a retainer." And I was like yeah, because I only wear it at night and I keep it a closely guarded secret. I feel absolutely no urge to wear a gold retainer around my neck during the day, for all to see.

A way classier, cheaper option from Fred Flare is this Ladybird Watch Locket, $20. On the front is a sweet pair of black and white birds, and inside is a fabulously old fashioned working clock. It's the female equivalent of a pocket watch, except with feminine details like the floral design etched on the back. I'd love to wear this over a simple black crew neck tee and let the compliments roll in.

But let's get to the point: the best place to buy a necklace that could double as a flea market find is Etsy. Like this Kathryn Locket, $18, from the seller Monsti. The little red crystal attracts the part of me that's like a rodent hoarding shiny things in its nest, but the locket-- a little tarnished, a bit worn-- is certainly no afterthought. I like the teardrop shape, which is a bit unexpected, and how simple the floral engraving is.

On the other hand, this locket from Jak's Interior Art, $24, is a total showstopper. You have the big vintage locket as the focal piece-- you should definitely have a gasp-inducing photo inside, because every one will ask if it opens. Then, up the chain a bit, there's the tiny bluebird charm, hammered disk, and trio of turquoise beads. It could be overkill, but I think all the elements work together cohesively instead of competing for attention.

This item doesn't quite fit in with the "long statement necklace/locket" theme, but it just caught my eye while browsing Etsy, and I've instantly fallen in love. I mean, how often do you see lily pads on a necklace? The Golden Lilypads necklace, $28 from Luxe Deluxe, is loveliness to the extreme. And you don't really see lariats that much anymore (lariats are necklaces that make a Y shape, usually by running one end of the necklace through a loop on the other end), so it has that originality to it.

A bit pricier locket is the A Hummingbird Lives Inside necklace from Basil the Cat, $75.
Instead of a traditional locket that flips open, this locket is a former solid perfume case. The top slides open to reveal a hummingbird and four small crystals. Who needs a photo when you have a secret bird? The front section is gorgeous too, which the twist design and glass rhinestone. I'm not crazy about the glass beads attached to the chain above the locket-- they look a bit cheap next to the locket. But the piece itself is still fantastic, and will make even the most everyday outfit a touch more glamorous.

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