Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tutu and the City

Are you already planning your outfit for the Sex and the City premiere? Did you wear a cocktail dress and stilettos to the first one, even though there weren't any straight men for miles around? Then I think you'll appreciate this:

Yes ma'am, for just $29.99 you can recreate Carrie's opening credits look with the Swan Lake Mini from Fred Flare.

I know, a tutu is pretty ridiculous. But it's also unquestionably fun to wear! When I was a little girl, I took ballet for maybe a few months, but I wore that tutu around the house for years. And even as a young adult, I get a little thrill picturing myself flouncing around in layers of pink tulle. I also really dig this outfit, from the Fred Flare website:
Let's ignore the fact that this model looks prepubescent, because a plain blue oxford with a champagne tutu is pretty brilliant. It's perfect for spring, too, when you want to bust out all your sundresses and halter tops, but it isn't quite warm enough--this outfit has the whimsy of a good spring outfit but won't expose all your deathly white skin. You could even wear it to the office, and spend the day pirouetting by the coffee machine.

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