Monday, October 19, 2009

Don't Tempt Me, Urban

Ok, so I tried to put these pieces into a Polyvore set, but I couldn't quite make it work. So instead, I'm bringing you 4 covetable things from Urban Outfitters in a lazy list form.

Silence and Noise Faux Leather Biker Jacket, $128
How long have I been wanting a leather jacket? A really long time. The other weekend I borrowed my friend's badass leather motorcycle jacket, and I felt totally unstoppable all night. If there had been a bar fight, or a particularly competitive dance battle, I would have jumped right in. I love the asymmetrical zipper on this jacket, and that the leather is a little broken in.

Kimchi Blue Suede Boot, $88
It's strange--when it comes to leather boots, I can't stay away from cognac brown, but when it comes to suede boots, I'm all about grey.

Chain Knot Cloche, $28
A girl would need a certain amount of joie de vivre to pull this off--the saturated blue, the gold rope, the old-fashioned cloche shape--but I'd like to think I'm up to the challenge. The color would look killer with my blonde hair, too.

byCorpus Long Sleeve Wrap Dress, $39.99
I've always wanted to be a ballerina! This veers a little close to American Apparel, but I think with some classic accessories (and no lame leggings) you can avoid looking like a victim of corporate hipsterism.


Anonymous said...


I was seriously surfing Urban Outfitters while killing time at work today and I literally picked out 3 of those 4 things!!! And I didn't buy them either, haha.

Thanks for feeding my addiction!

Sally said...

Julia do you know how much I love hats (seriously, ask Alex sometime, I have a ton of hats). That hat...I must own it!!


ED8888 said...

I love motorcycle jackets this year, so versatile. I did buy one on ebay by H&M, also fake leather but really soft, and fits nicely. UO has such nice stuff and great inspiration.