Thursday, October 15, 2009

Timeless Wool Coats on the Cheap

It's been getting really, really cold in New York, and my winter coat is hanging in a closet in Arizona. It'll get shipped here soon, but in the meantime I'm coveting these:

Nine West Belted Hipster, $59.95
I already have a green wool coat, so I can't really justify two (although this one is way better than mine). Adore the forest green collar, the belt, and the wraparound collar. It would make wearing a scarf a little unnecessary, though, and lord knows I love a good scarf.

Kenneth Cole Peacoat, $59.95
A classic in every way. I love a good winter white, too.

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Emily McAdams said...

I love the green one. I'm also a little obsessed with this coat, although it's super expensive and I kind of wish it didn't have an exposed zipper: