Thursday, July 9, 2009


I had my first crisis of credit conscience today when I had to fight myself not to open a Bloomingdale's credit card.  Ah, the sweet promise of 15% off... 

So why was I tempted?  

Ah, Swifty, you and your adorable clothing.

I love Taylor Swift, but I REALLY loved her spread in the August 2009 issue of GLAMOUR.  Specifically, this look.  It's the mixture of the boyfriend shorts (which I think are a far better look than actual boyfriend jeans and perfect for summer) and the amazing necklace--also, girl's fierce hair, but that's beside the point.  She and I have the same build, which is what convinced me I could wear them in the first place.

They be these: 

So, because I have a slightly obsessive personality when it comes clothing I love, I began to troll the internet, looking for cheap knock-offs of the boyfriend shorts.  F21, GAP, you name it--nothing.  J Brand has a pair, but it's not distressed and it's only $30 cheaper at $154. 

So I'm THINKING about it, trying to decide if it's worth it to buy into this particular trend or if my money would be better spent elsewhere.  What do you guys think? 


Julia York said...

Sorry girl, but I have to say no. The shorts are adorable, but you'll only wear them for the next two months or so, and by next summer you'll be over the look. I think finding a pair of cheap jean shorts and then distressing them yourself would be easier than you'd think. Get a sharp pair of scissors and a hard surface you don't mind scratching up, then go to town.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Julia. Don't do it! I saw that magazine and like those shorts too.

Anonymous said...

What about these from Dillards? They're under $30! You can find boyfriend shorts for SOOOO much cheaper than that.

Aevan Arts said...

second what julia said, but i was gonna suggest cutting off a cheap pair of pre-distressed boyfriend jeans

Anonymous said...

i realllly love the sweater, but idont know where to findd one like that. with the same fit and everything. help?