Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Praising Catherine Deneuve

So, as I mentioned in my previous entry, I know longer felt that "Danielle Blanchett" was no longer an appropriate pen name for me, because while I consider her a stunning beauty, an excellent ambassador for high fashion, and a terrific actress, I would no longer be following her sartorial example.

I needed somebody who embodies grace and quiet luxury; someone who is unapologetically feminine, but with a little bit of edge; sexy with a wink at quirkiness. First, I considered Grace Kelly; but Princess Grace dressed with an almost exaggerated refinement that belied her truly wild romantic life. Then I thought of Sex and the City's Samantha Jones; I admire her sensuality and love that she rocks both neon power-suits and clingy mini dresses, but sometimes she dresses too fearlessly.

Who achieves that magic combination of both elegance and sex appeal? Who walks the fine line between precious and risque? It'd have to be someone French, I realized. And then it came to me: Catherine Deneuve.

Ms. Deneuve's been on my radar since Kate Winslet did that Belle de Jour-inspired Vanity Fair photoshoot last December. It made me realize how timeless that 60s sex-kitten persona is; blonde bedroom hair, come-hither kohled eyes, and body-conscious clothing will never go out of style. Yet for all her allure, Deneuve never looks trampy. Her look appeals to both men and women because she always maintains a level of class and never shows too much skin (in fact, in a men's button-down shirt and beret, she proved that sometimes a bit of mystique can be very sexy).

My favorite thing about Catherine Deneuve's style is that you don't immediately notice the clothes she's wearing. You simply see a beautiful woman, and her style is like a spotlight fixed on her, illuminating her beauty. She wears the clothes; the clothes do not wear her.

Here's how to channel your inner Catherine Deneuve:

For your rocking bod:

For laid-back cool:

J. Crew men's Baird McNutt linen shirt, $79.50 $59.50 (or better yet, borrow one from your man's closet)

For sexy bedhair:

For an intoxicating signature scent:

Chanel No. 5 Fragrance, starts at $95


Madelyn said...

wow, kate walsh looks just like her...

Julia York said...

Ugh, Catherine Deneuve is so fabulous it hurts. And I absolutely adore that first black dress, with the cut-out back--so classy/hot.

Ella Deneuve said...

I never noticed that, but there IS quite a resemblance between La Deneuve and La Walsh...

Hot tip: I just bought a very similar backless LBD at Club Monaco at half the price of the Rachel Pally dress (a label I love in theory, but the jersey they use is, like, super-heavy and never seems to drape correctly for me...). CM, inexcusably, has no online store (for real? Yes), which is why I couldn't post the one I bought...