Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sam Edelman Greco Sandals

While I was at the Alexa Chung taping (if you're in New York and interested in doing the same, you can email with your name, age, and contact info. They also want you to attach a photo, which is sort of demeaning. But then you feel flattered that MTV doesn't think you're a total troll. You have to be between ages 15 and 24, though), I spent a lot of time looking around at other people's outfits. They told us to "dress to impress, as if you were going on a first date, but not too casual and not too dressy." Sort of a tough line to walk, right? Some people went overboard in sparkly minidresses, others dressed like they were about to be dropped off for kindergarten.

But there was one girl who got it exactly right. Ok, I don't remember what clothes she was wearing--jeans or something--but I do remember her awesome shoes. When I asked her where they were from, I hoped she would Target or Payless or Old Navy, both because I'm broke and she couldn't be more than 16, and 16-year-olds should not be wearing expensive shoes.

Sam Edelman's Greco sandals aren't super pricey at the sale price of $69.30, but if that child bought them for the original price of $99, then I am calling spoiled.
I thought I was over the gladiator sandal trend, but this girly take pulled me back in. The purple color is divine and will make even the dullest jeans-and-tee combo look like a million bucks. The braiding along the top is super fun and original as well. If a gladiator and a hippie had a stylish child, she would wear these shoes.

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