Monday, October 24, 2011

So I need a new winter coat,

and of course I’m approaching this with the seriousness and depth of research that other people have when applying to grad school. Right now I’m struggling with the “As a blonde, can I wear a  camel coat or will I look like a beige chameleon?” question. This street style photo (via Refinery 29) proves that it can be done right—I would wear that entire outfit, from the black neck bow to the red notebook.

But this runway photo scares me! What if I forget my colorful scarf or gloves and people mistake me for a giant walking cannoli?

I wouldn’t even be considering camel (if you know anything about me it’s that I’m a “give me a color or give me death!” sort of girl), but I’m having a hard time finding a good coat in brights and jewel tones. I came awfully close to buying this J.Crew double-cloth townhouse trench, $350, last night, since they had a 25% off and free shipping coupon code:

Now that’s a good color, right? And those buttons! But I was scared off by both lukewarm reviews from J.Crew Afficionada commenters and the very high price. If it goes on sale again I might take the leap, but I couldn’t justify it.
So now I’m eyeing this Laundry Wool Trench, $219.99:

I’ve learned that belted dresses are the best way to prevent looking like a refrigerator while all bundled up, and the skirt is also super feminine. But the color. It worries me. On the other hand, perhaps the classic color should comfort me, because this is a long-term investment piece; I’m thinking three winters, minimum. And a good rule of thumb is that if Betty Draper once wore it, you’ll be able to wear it forever.

Here are three more coats I’m considering (and in case you’re wondering, no, I haven’t done any work today):
Tommy Hilfiger Toggle Hooded Coat, $189.99:

Calvin Klein Belted Wool in wine, $209.99:

BB Dakota “Josie” Wrap Coat, $129: (Ok, not really a serious option, but an endearingly silly one)

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Danielle said...

"And a good rule of thumb is that if Betty Draper once wore it, you’ll be able to wear it forever."

Having just gobbled down four seasons of Mad Men, I wholeheartedly agree with this statement. Peggy Olson and I are kindred spirits, but Betty Draper is my style soulmate.