Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Olympic Fever on Ice!

I'm a bad fashion blogger, because not only do I not update for months and months, but I'm ignoring New York Fashion Week in favor of the Olympics. Sure, I've been reading the Fug Girls coverage on, and I know that Tavi has died her hair a very strange grey color, but behind that--meh. This is the fashion I'm more interested in:

Yes, that is the Italian figure skater Samuel Contesti wearing a plaid shirt under dirty overalls. And yes, he's doing finger guns. I could write pages about the costumes in men's figure skating, but instead, I'll talk about things that are hilarious in a cute way, not a ridiculous way.

First, let's all appreciate how beautiful Vancouver is, and how the Canadians put a slam poet in their Opening Ceremonies. Canada is truly the Hufflepuff of the world (USA is Gryffindor, naturally, and I'd say Russia is Ravenclaw and China is Slytherin--I'm still bitter about those underage gymnasts), so they deserve this moment in the sun. And they're taking advantage of the TV coverage to plaster their flag everywhere, including...
...the cutest goddamn minutes I have ever seen in my life! Look at that little maple flag! So sweet and whimsical! I'm desperate for my own pair--anyone know where I could buy a pair in New York? Maybe the NBC Universal store in Rockefeller Center? There are plenty of pairs on ebay, going for around $20 bucks. A friend of a friend is a Canadian citizen, and his mom sent him a pair; he then convinced another friend that the Canadian government sent the mittens to all ex-pats, as a show of national pride. And they all teased the second friend for buying it--but doesn't that seem like something the Canadian government might possibly do? Free healthcare and mittens for all!

But let's get down to business, which is, and will always be: America, fuck yeah! The Opening Ceremony outfits are always a bit hit-or-miss.
I didn't love the bulky turtlenecks, but I adored the knit hats and am spending all my time daydreaming about getting one of my own. (I am also not ashamed to admit that these daydreams involve having luscious, curly red hair like Shaun White. Seriously, why isn't he doing Loreal commercials?) They're sold out on the RL website, and on ebay they're going for over $300 --and the weird, crazy, Olympics-obsessed part of me is thinking they might be worth it.
They have moose! And an American flag! Ok, I know that there's no way a stupid hat is worth $300. What I'm really hoping is that someone will create a knitting pattern for the hat, so I can make my own. I just recently learned how to knit with two colors (I made a big white circle in the middle of a blue square, for a pillowcase), and it can't be that much harder to knit a moose, right? No, I know that this is way above my skill level, but maybe I could manage this simpler (and more obviously patriotic) knit cap:
Lindsay Vonn is rocking it after her gold medal downhill skiing run; it makes me wonder if all US Olympians get a full set of Ralph Lauren gear (not just opening and closing ceremony outfits) before the games. This hat and mitten set is still in stock at RL, for $95, but they're made for children.


Kate said...

yay! you're back! AND blogging about the olympics, my most favorite thing in the whole world.

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amanda said...

um, i can't even begin to explain how tickled i am over the americans amazing fashion sense. seriously, team usa, you can do no wrong as far as i'm concerned.