Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sparkly and Lovely, Courtesy of J.Crew

Now that it's December, and all I want to do is get all tinseled up like a human Christmas tree. J.Crew is here to help me out with everything I might need for holiday parties, New Year's Eve, Secret Santa, or just trips to Starbucks for peppermint mochas:

Crystal Supernova Necklace, $128, is appropriately described as "an explosion of sparkle." It's the type of jewelry that will elevate whatever you're wearing and take it to the next level--I'd be a bit tempted to wear it with my most casual, worn-in dress just to see if it could rejuvenate it.

J.Crew is all about putting sequins on cardigans this summer, and those are two of my favorite things! This sequin scarf cardigan, $110.40, might, I admit, be a little bit too much of a good thing--you probably couldn't wear it during the day. But at night, when it's a little chilly but you aren't willing to bundle up in plain black wool, this is a showstopping sweater.

So the bowtie skirt, $350, is something that, if I were to find in a thrift shop for $20, would grab and make fun of to my friend, and then I'd say, "Hey, I might as well try it on," and in the dressing room I'd spent about 20 minutes staring in the mirror, trying to decide if it's whimsically cute or way too weird. I mean, it's a bunch of gold bowties sewed to a skirt. And eventually I'd decide to buy it, even though I wouldn't be sure if I'd ever wear it. So obviously I'm not planning on buying this $350 version, or suggesting that you buy it. I'm just saying, I think I've come down on the side of "whimsically cute."


briannelee said...

I love that sequin cardigan! I actually think its ok for day if you keep the rest of the outfit casual... like J Crew did with the denim shirt.

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Kate said...

where have you gone? i miss reading the blog entries!

Joy said...

Am enjoying your blog, which a friend of mine introduced me to -- I think you have a great writing style.

I also have been coveting some of Emma Pillsbury's outfits -- was wondering -- in one episode, she was wearing a kelly green sweater with white contrast stitching around the collar and two little breast pockets (I think) -- do you know which one i'm talking about and any idea who makes it? Looks very Kate Spade.