Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Neverending Search for the Perfect Everyday Purse

So last Christmas I got this bag from Urban Outfitters, and after some initial whining about how small it is, I learned to love it. I wore it nearly everyday, got many compliments, and had no intention of replacing it. But then, over the summer, the edges of the straps started to fray. I trimmed them, and it looked almost good as new. But the next stage of deterioration is harder to hide--the leather is peeling off the top of the straps (on the parts that are on my shoulder). Underneath is a grody grey fabric, and it looks completely brokedown.

Time for an upgrade! I was at DSW this past weekend (shopping for boots, of course, but no luck), and decided to swing by the bag section just for fun. This Nine West Madeline Shopper, $69.95 at Zappo's, caught my eye:

I love the roomy shape, the simple and classic design, and all the fun inner pockets. My only pause is the color, which isn't very accurately reflected in this photo. It's called "Rust," and it's more of a brownish, orangeish, red--not a color that often appears in my wardrobe. But it would match my green winter coat, and hey, maybe it's time for something new! I just don't want to spend $70 on a bag that I either won't wear a lot, or will fall apart in under a year. This one is synthetic leather, too...

Doesn't anyone have experience with Nine West purses, especially faux-leather ones? Are they built to last or can I expect this purse to be falling apart by next October?

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Lily said...

I've had experience with a Nine West. I'd have to say they may last alittle longer than a year. I was actually in the save exact postion as you this time last year. I had a red Nine West purse that was on its last leg, and was having a horrible time finding the perfect everyday purse. I had found one at Coach, but didn't know if I wanted to spend that much on a purse. Well I definately suggest doing it. I got a classic shape, with hardware that was a common color in my wardrobe, and I got it is plain leather. Nothing fancy at all. It is the best investment I have made. And if you are wondering my bag looks better than my Nine West ever did, even on the day I bought it. Hope this helped.

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