Sunday, November 22, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic, about 9 months late

So this post is pretty belated. Confessions of a Shopaholic came out when, last February? And I rented it last August, which is when I fell in love with the below outfit. And I've always believed that only foolish people think that wearing a past season's style is a sin--most things don't become dated in six months, and sometimes cute is cute forever. I'm not saying this outfit is timeless, but I am saying that I love it and want to recreate it.

I mean, right? Look at how adorable Isla Fisher is! As previously discussed, I have a mad-crazy girl crush on her, and I think she pulled off all the silly outfits in Shopaholic with admirable aplomb. Most weren't doable for real life, but I think this one is.

Start with an adorable plaid dress that's not too cowgirl--from Fred Flare, the Lois dress, $45, has a sexy eye-hook closure in front and an attached belt to tie in the back. Hide that with an oversized corset belt...
...from AMI, for $19.99. As a lover of belts, I have to recommend thick waist belts only in situations when you don't plan to sit down or eat. But if you're planning an evening in which you'll be standing around and looking cute, wear that belt and cinch it tight.
And then finish it with some black thigh-highs, to expose just a little bit of your legs. Those maroon platforms that Rebecca Bloomwood is rocking? Those, you're on your own. I would go with riding boots, since I go with the riding boots in about 80% of all situations.

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Alex said...

Love love love the Isla fisher looks. I'm hesitant on getting these kind of tights because afraid of it falling down constantly and not staying up. I notice all my heels are open toe don't know how that will work out either..