Thursday, August 20, 2009

Vintage-Inspired Plaid Dresses

You know how much I love plaid? And how much I love Mad Men? The twain have met!
Ok, so this is a pretty old photo--from the end of season 2, even. But it's been on my mind thanks to Modcloth's awesome new Look Book, titled "A Mad Affair." It's all Mad Men-inspired outfits, some of which are vintage and some are just vintage-inspired.
The Kenley Dress, $199, is named after the former Project Runway villain who had great vintage style but a bad attitude. But it really reminds me of something our favorite female copywriter, Peggy Olson, would wear (although she would never go that low-cut, being a good Catholic girl).

Here's another fantastic plaid dress by Anna Sui:The bright colors are a little more "bored housewife" than "working woman," so this dress reminds me more of Betty. The Wilcox Dress is $289.95.

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Anonymous said...

That last dress made me :D :D until I saw the price, which made me :(