Friday, June 19, 2009

The Silk Checkered Jewelry Roll

Sometimes people ask us to do reviews of a product or online store, and I typically say no. That's not what this blog is about, and usually the item is something I have no interest in. But when I moved a couple weeks ago, the best way I could figure how to transport all my jewelry was in ziplock bags, thrown into a regular paper bag. I felt like a hobo, or a bank robber.

Enter the jewelry roll, $14.99, from Available in vibrant and playful colors (I got the blue checkered, which feeds my mania for plaid while also being way more classy), this roll is a chic way to transport your jewelry when traveling. Inside, there are two zippered pockets, one larger pouch that spans the whole length of the roll, and a strap to slide your rings on. I wish there were a few more pockets, since I have a ton of necklaces and nothing is worse than when they get tangled together, but it's an elegantly designed item and practical nonetheless. The material is padded, so you don't have to worry about your rings getting crushed, and the silk looks way more expensive than 15 bucks.

I think this would be a fantastic gift (especially if you slipped a bracelet or something inside), especially for an event where you're giving a group of people the same gift, like bridesmaids. It's classy and useful, and you can mix it up with the different colors. Beyond the checkered print, there are a ton of different prints available on the website. They all sort of remind me of kimonos, with the silk and print motif, but I really love the unique color of the Madrid Maize roll, $14.99.