Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Perfect T-shirt Dress

I have a weakness for dresses from the label Velvet. (And just to clarify any confusion right here, at no point in this post will I be referring to the fabric velvet, no matter how soft and kitschy it may be.) I actually wore a Velvet dress today-- brown, long-sleeved, empire waist with a tie in the back. However, I feel pretty sure that Velvet dresses cost more than they should, considering they almost exclusively sell rayon/jersey blends in solid colors and basic shapes. There's not that much difference between most Velvet dresses and stuff you can find for $19.40 at Forever 21. And yet, I find myself drawn to their rich hues, flattering cuts, and softer-than-soft fabrics.

And this Velvet Prunella Dress might just be worth $118 ($88.50 if you use the coupon code 25MORE at Tobi.com before Wednesday night!), because it is the perfect t-shirt dress.
Say hello to the perfect intersection between casual and chic, with some nice figure-flattering details to boot. This is just the dress for those mornings when you oversleep and don't have time to shower, let alone spend half an hour accessorizing. Throw on this dress, some comfy flats, and pull your hair into a loose bun, and you just rescued your day from hours of "God, I feel gross and ugly." I think it would be impossible not to feel cute in this dress, and that's worth $118.

It also comes in a nice scarlett red (which is unfortunately not on sale, so is $152) and an interesting steel gray, but I'm a fan of the navy. This is not a "Look at me! I'm fabulous!" sort of dress, which is what the red would be saying. It's more of a, "Oh, if you happen to look my way, you'll undoubtedly note that I look pretty damn good" sort of dress--a bit of a wallflower, but not an ugly duckling.


Emily McAdams said...

I fell in love with a Velvet dress at Ibiza today (the fancy boutique on University that's having a Lost Our Lease sale right now). It was clingy jersey with a stunning maroon and cream floral pattern, but even marked down to $130, I couldn't do it.

Someday I'll be able to pay $100+ for jersey. Someday.

N + S said...

this dress is so beautiful! thanks for the link!


Julie H. Schaal said...

Love your blog! I enjoyed seeing the Velvet brand. You are right on about the $19.40 knock-offs that can be found @ Forever 21!