Saturday, March 10, 2012

For Oily Creatures: John Masters Organics' Sea Mist

Let's be real: I'm a greasy creature. I'm Italian, so I've got oily skin, oily hair... it's a blessing and a curse. My dad, who has the same skin and hair type as I do, looks fantastic for his age, which hopefully bodes well for me, too. (Incidentally, my coworker said the other day that my dad reminds her of Roger Sterling, which gives me the willies because I have a huge crush on Sterling - who doesn't? But my dad also has more than two decades on John Slattery. Go, Dad!)

I've found that when dealing with oily skin, it's best to play to, rather than against, it's strengths. I'll never have Nicole Kidman's alabaster, matte skin, but I can totally pull off Jessica Alba's youthful, dewy look. I'm currently playing with my product regimen (expect a post on that soon), but I'm definitely finding that the less makeup, the better, and cremes work much better than powders.

However, you can't really make oily hair work (unless you're Taylor Kitsch). And in my case, even when I wash and style my hair in the morning, it's hard to keep it looking nice for the workday and beyond (I wash my hair daily because I work out almost everyday). In my experience, dry shampoo is very hit-or-miss, and the best method I've found to keep oil at bay is using a somewhat surprisingly product: John Masters Organics' Sea Mist.

I really like all the John Masters products I've tried, but they're pricey. Sea Mist is $16.50 on Amazon - certainly not cheap but worth every penny. Technically, this product is supposed to give you beachy waves, like you've been swimming in the ocean, but the idea of my hair having texture without some serious heat styling is laughable, so I use it in the morning to soak up oil.

Here's how I use it: after blow drying my hair until it's about 90% dry, I spray Sea Mist liberally, focusing on my scalp. Then, I blow dry it the remaining 10%. A few spritzes throughout the day controls oil, and if I want a pick-me-up after work, I can spray my scalp again, blast some warm air from the blow drier for a few moments, and I'm good to go.

Got any good tips to control oil for your skin or hair? Or are you one of those mythical creatures who washes her hair, like, once a week?

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