Friday, July 9, 2010

Mariner Purse

There are few things I love more than the original Parent Trap movie, so I was delighted to see Design*Sponge's Living In: The Parent Trap feature. Hayley Mills was beyond adorable in her necktie and poofy hair (as both girls!), and, more generally, I think sleepaway camp represents all the best things about life. So while I can't buy a teepee or a canoe, I can indulge some of that summer fun vibe with this LL Bean Signature Mariner Purse, $77.50.

A little rope, a little leather, a tiny bit of gold--it's like what your counselor (who seems so glamorous just because she's all of 19-years-old) would wear when leaving the camp on her day off. Also, the rope strap would solve a bit problem I have with leather purses--the leather on the side of the strap also starts flaking and peeling off. If I were buying nice expensive Birkin bags this wouldn't happen (I hope, at least), but I've had my Nine West purse for about 7 or 8 months and the strap is already looking a little worse for wear. On the other hand, I'd probably get that white rope strap incredibly dirty, but perhaps that would add to the vintage camp charm.

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Anonymous said...

That bag is a-mazing... perfect for summer and looks more like a fabulous vintage find than a brand new piece.